Ferrari Man In Red

Ferrari Man In Red - Eau De Toilette 100ML

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Ferrari Man In Red There is certainly no need to spend long introducing Ferrari. Interestingly, its founder, Enzo Ferrari, was not planning on selling anything at first. Scuderia Ferrari was founded in , solely for the purpose of sponsoring amateur drivers. Later, however, because of circumstances supporting the Scuderia team was very costly, Enzo had to start building high-end racing and passenger cars.  Currently, Ferrari offers a wide range of products – electronics, clothing, fashion and other accessories, and, last but not least, luxury cosmetics. It is hardly surprising that the vast majority of them are designed for men.  Ferrari fragrances are appreciated by everyone who loves an adrenaline rush, the smell of burned tyres, and speed. The first – Ferrari Black – was introduced in and was a great success. The fact that while only the wealthiest of people could afford a Ferrari sports car, the fragrance was far more affordable was really important here – but the people wearing it still feel special. This was followed by more successes, such as Ferrari No. Ferrari Racing, Passion , and more. 

Top notesbbCardamom, Bergamot, Appleb

Middle notesbbOrange Tree Blossom, Lavender, Plumb

Base notesbbAmber, Cedar, Tonka Beansb

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