Bottega Profumiera Shardana

Bottega Profumiera Shardana - Eau De Parfum 100ML + 30ML

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Bottega Profumiera Shardana - Eau De Parfum 100ML + 30ML The aim was to create fragrances that convey particular feelings, thoughts, images and parts from his life and embody them perfectly in the new compositions in which we can feel the unique signature of the creator. Known for a collection of room fragrances and extraordinary collections which are available as pure perfume Puro (collection of 5 fragrances) and I Caldi (collection of 3 fragrances dedicated to wood) Maurizio offers new emotions poured into truly top quality perfumes. The new collection by Bottega Profumiera provides compositions for everyone's taste. They are delicate, emotional and special. Names of the fragrances of the new collection are as follows: Shardana, Rose Poudre, Galantuomo, Mon Jardin, Polianthes and Gourmand and Maurizio's story of each fragrance separately awakes the wish to test them and explore the compositions. Shardana (Sherden) is a fragrance named after the mythical warriors mentioned in Egyptian sources as people from the sea (Sea People) in the Mediterranean region in the second century BC. During the reign of Ramses II and Ramses III, Shardana led battles at sea and helped Ramses III win and conquer. It is featured on a large relief in the temple of Medinet Habu in Thebes (now Luxor). He is carved on the relief as holding long triangular sword, daggers, spears and round shield. He wears a short skirt, covered with armor while wearing a helmet with horns on the head. According to the ancient Sardinian inscriptions, the spirit of Shardana population continues to live and enjoy on this island surrounded by the scents of the sea air, myrrh, patchouli and sandalwood... Shardana blends wonderful notes of anise, salt sea water, thyme, myrrh, patchouli, sandalwood, cedar and musk. Intense fragrance offers a soothing blend of coastline, which mixes the benefits of salt water with fresh sea air which carries the sweet, spicy, herbal union full of nuances.
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