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What Are Some of the Best Selling Celebrity Fragrances

What Are Some of the Best Selling Celebrity Fragrances

Celebrity brand fragrances are popular because they bear the names of people that we see in the movies. These fragrances are typically made of some of the best scents and are potent in their concentration. Let's take a look at some of the top celebrity fragrances that you can find online at French Fragrance.

Nude, by Rihanna

Rihanna is one of the more popular brands throughout the world. Nude was created in 2012 and consists of a wide variety of different scents. The heart note consists of flowers, creamy orange blossom, and other lucrative scents and the base is rounded out of sandalwood and vanilla orchid. 

Rihanna’s brands are extremely popular, as indicated by how her Fenty Beauty racked up about $100 million dollars in sales during a 40-day period when the product first came out. 

Anything Branded By Britney Spears

Many people have tried scents by Britney Spears. Perhaps one of the most popular in the world is Curious. This perfume was launched in 2004 and sold more than $100 million in its first year. One of the more popular Britney Spears labels is Fantasy. This perfume is intended for the woman who is elusive and charming. It contains great scents like kiwi, quince, and jasmine in its top notes for a unique scent.

Gold, by Kim Kardashian

This is another popular fragrance that is big on the market in Abu Dhabi and the greater UAE. This perfume has a full body and is rich. This perfume is intended to be a summer evening scent and contains several different notes, such as grapefruit, pink pepper, jasmine, and tender rose. 

White Diamonds, by Elizabeth Taylor

No list of celebrity scents would be complete without this original and iconic perfume that was one of the first modern celebrity brands. Launched in 1991, this perfume has sold about $1.5 billion as of 2020. This perfume consists of many different scents to give it a sheer floral fragrance. This is a popular perfume among women who appreciate the accomplishments of Elizabeth Taylor, both professionally and philanthropically.

Heat, by Beyonce 

Beyonce’s line of perfume called Heat has sold almost $400 million in its first three years. Some of these scents are truly eloquent. Its top notes consist of pitahaya and plum and its other other notes are rounded off with orchid, tulip, sandalwood, amber, and others. This perfume is intended for women who want to be eloquent, classy, and sophisticated.

Find the Right Celebrity Fragrance For You

These are some of the hottest selling brands of fragrances in the UAE and around the world. Find the notes and concentration that are right for you and you will find a perfume that matches your personality. There are over 1,000 different celebrity fragrances from more than 30 years.

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